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Indonesian Tuna Fisheries: Getting Off The Hook

The waters of Indonesia provide the ideal environment for the tunas. This is brought about by its strategic location between two large continents (Asia and Australia) and major oceans (Pacific, Indian and South China Sea) influencing its climate and marine environment. In addition, the enormous number and highly varied ecosystems brought about by the archipelagic pelagic nature of Indonesia brings about an ideal environment for high biodiversity and productivity. 

For this study, Priyanto Rahardjo involve in research design, collecting data, analisys and report. This study has two major components :

The first would be a detailed overview on a per fishery management area (FMA) description and characterization of the tuna fisheries that covered the broad topics of fishing areas, fishing gears and crafts, landings and production by gear and species, infrastructure support as well as identification of issues and problems.

The second component deals with the ecosystem-based management topics that include the bait fisheries, subsidies, post harvest handling, tuna trade as well as impacts of the fuel price hike to the tuna sector and link these to the identification of major management issues.

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